Conference center

The venue offers 18 modular function rooms, from boardrooms to grand ballrooms, not to forget the gardens.


A purpose built conference center

The hotel includes a conference center, with several function rooms spreading over 1000 sqm and 99 hotel rooms featuring an elegant and contemporary design. Thanks to its dedicated access, the whole Pavillon building is available for private hire.

The function rooms are diverse, from meeting rooms to conference rooms, all of them being adjustable to your needs. The variety of rooms and catering options offers you the opportunity to organize a tailor made event.

The Pavillon building has the rooming capacity to accommodate all event attendees, and offers a calm and discreet environment throughout your event.


Meeting Rooms

In the heart of the Pavillon building, the 8 meeting rooms offer an elegant and calm setting of 34 sqm. Equipped with the latest technology for all kinds of meetings, they are composed of a big boardroom surrounded by comfortable leather chairs. Some of the rooms can be combined to create a theater setting.

The names of the 8 meeting rooms refer to the golden age of Versailles: salon Pompadour, salon Sévigné, salon Richelieu, salon Mazarin, salon de la Vallière, salon du Barry, salon Montespan, salon Merteuil.


The Colbert Function Room

The Colbert Function Room is one of the biggest reception rooms of the venue and is located in the Pavillon building. Decorated by frescos and wood panelling, it offers an elegant and cosy setting, ideal for seminars or formal dinners. The 424 sqm venue is flexible and can be split into 6 individual 60 sqm rooms, whose names refer to French literature’s figures : salon Molière, salon Rousseau, salon Racine, salon Boileau, salon Voltaire et salon Corneille.


The La Fontaine Function Room

Located in the Pavillon building, the La Fontaine function room spreads over 270 sqm. Many setups are possible, in order to organize all kinds of events: a conference, or grand formal dinner.



Enjoy our outdoor area for your coffee breaks, lunches and dinners. Our 3-hectare gardens are ideal for outdoor corporate parties or private events and can be arranged according to your needs. On fine days, enjoy our picnic offers for to add a bucolic touch to your event.


The Clemenceau Ballroom

Additionally to the spacious conference center, the Trianon Palace features a grand ballroom in the heritage building : the Clemenceau ballroom. It offers a majestic setting for special occasions, with very high ceilings, stunning chandeliers, and gold leaf details. It spans over 224 sqm and is suitable for all kinds of events: cocktail, formal dinner, or even conference. It opens up on a beautiful terrace overlooking the hotel gardens.

The Clemenceau Ballroom is steeped in history, since the treaty of Versailles was drafted within the ballroom in the presence of French president Georges Clemenceau, in the aftermath of the first World War in 1919.


A tailor made event

The teams are dedicated to creating your bespoke event and ensure its running order. Whether you’re planning a grand reception, a private Michelin-star dinner or a directors board meeting, we have a tailor-made solution for you.

Learn more about your options when it comes to organizing your event with us, including catering, audio-visual assistance and activities.


Practical information

The hotel venue offers many options for your event. Discover the capacity chart, which sums up the different set ups for each function room.

In addition to the function rooms, it is also possible to organize meetings and events in the hotel’s gardens, in the restaurants and bar, or in the hotel Suites.

Reach out to organize a discovery tour and receive a personalized quote according to your needs.

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